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Product description


Simocont is a graphical fiscal accounting software for Windows systems

It is very easy to use and joinable with Simoart management software. Therefore it is an ideal solution for small-medium companies who works with (and also without) Simoart. Simocont is the result of a 25-year experience in fiscal accounting software. New is the export function that enables easy data transfer to other accounting packages

Software technologies:

Simoart bases on Microsoft's .Net und ASP.Net technologies in combination with MS SQL Server databases

Supported operating systems:

Simocont runs on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003-2008-2012, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the 32 bit and 64 bit versions

Available platforms:

choose the right platform for your needs:

  • Simocont single user version
  • Simoart Client-Server network version for companies who needs more workstations
Available options:

choose the right version for your needs:

  • Simocont Standard
  • Simocont Morecompanies
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Read the Hardware requirements , the Installation instructions and the License informations before you download the software. Start here the Simocont download

How to buy Simosoft products

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Available versions & options:

Standard Italian fiscal accounting system "Contabilità Generale" with following properties:
  • Unlimited accounting years, all online
  • Customer and supplier management with addresses and label print
Value added tax management:
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly closures. VAT register printings
  • Closure back warding and reprinting
Financial accounting
  • 3-level accounting plan, balance, periodical balances
  • Automatic balance closure and opening. Journal and balance printings
  • Balance closure back warding
Prima Nota:
  • customizable prima nota item input throw own tables
  • integrated open items management
  • Primanota item deleting modifying functions

Morecompanies option Standard version for up-to 5 companies on one installation

Simocont continually will be enchanced to meet the fiscal law dispositions.
Read in the following link the news to the different versions

Simocont release notes

Simocont Pricelist

You can lease Simosoft products for an arbitrary time-period. The yearly fee include the use of the software and the Simosoft Update Service.

Pricelist in PDF format   current Pricelist

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