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Product description


Simoart is a 360 degrees wide software & web accounting solution for enterprises. The main goal of this software is the presentation of own products with pictures. At the moment the are extended functions for sportswear marketing and woodcarving manufacture companies available.

Simoart may be anytime joined to Simocont, a fiscal accounting software, to complete the comapany's management

Software technologies:

Simoart bases on Microsoft's .Net und ASP.Net technologies in combination with MS SQL Server databases

Supported operating systems:

Simoart runs on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003-2008-2012, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the 32 bit and 64 bit versions

Available platforms:

choose the right platform for your needs:
  • Simoart single user version
  • Simoart Client-Server network version for companies who needs more workstations

Available versions:

choose the right version for your needs:
  • Simoart Lite ideal entry version
  • Simoart Standard version for sportswear and woodcarving companies
  • Simoart Standard Universal version for generic companies
  • Simoart Enterprise special for manufacture companies

Available options:

Following options are available in all Simoart products:
  • B2B Simoshop a standard Business to business web shop
  • Morecompanies one Simoart installation manages up to 3 companies
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Read the Hardware requirements , the Installation instructions and the License informations before you download the software. Start here the Simoart download

How to buy Simosoft products

Read more at How to buy Simosoft products

Available versions

  • Management of articles (group articles and component lists), pricelists, prices, all with pictures in the languages english, german, italian, spanish and french
  • Picture database: 1 image per model and color in 4 different resolutions. Icon pictures for the video, low resolution for internet presentations, middle for pricelist printings and height resolution for product catalogues
  • Offer and pricelist printings in different sizes. Export of offers and pricelists in Ms-Word for further elaboration and email forwarding
  • Customers, suppliers, addresses and lists management
  • Purchase with product label printout. Cash selling with picture support
  • Warehouse and inventory
  • Pricelist import and export with/without pictures. Article, pictures and price export in XML format or in Excel datasheets (xls format)

Standard Lite version plus:
  • Recovering of web orders, management of orders, delivery documents, selling list, transport documents, cash sales, billing and receipt documents
  • All inputs are supplied by product picture views
  • Customer and supplier bookkeeping
  • Tickler and duns
  • Intrastat and agent management
  • Selling statistics

Standard "universal" The Standard "universal" is a non specialized Simoart version specially designed for a wide range of companies
  • flexible product input with extreme long descriptions without picture view
  • The pictures will be needed only for internet presentations
  • The managed documents are those of the standard version

Enterprise Standard version plus:
  • Product manufacture management (wood preparation, pantografists, carvers, painters and other craftsman works)
  • Product costs calculations

Available options

Webshop option Business to business web shop for company's & new customers:
  • Prices: company's customers see their own prices; to new customers can be attributed a particular or a country dependent pricelist
  • As an option, there may be shown the stock availability
  • For end and new customers, the shop can be setup as order or as offer

Morecompanies option Simosoft products are able to manage more than one company on a single user or network installation.
The surcharge for the morecompanies version will be 30% of the global leasing price

Simoart continually will be enchanced and provided with new features.
Read in the following link the news for the different versions

Simoart release notes

Simoart pricelist

You can lease Simosoft products for an arbitrary time-period. The yearly fee include the use of the software and the Simosoft Update Service.

Pricelist in PDF format   current Pricelist

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