The company Simo Computer

Our company seat in Pontives

Simo Computer is a software house with an over 25-year experience in enterprise management software. The Unix applications of Simo Computer from the 80 years are still in use, although the wide offer of Windows applications

Our actual Simosoft Enterprise Solutions products join the solidity of the Unix application with the user friendliness of the Windows applications. They cover the management, accounting, web presence and web marketing needs of the enterprises

The future stays in the Simosoft Enterprise Solutions as web applications like our B2B and B2C Webshops

Simosoft History:
Year 1983: Release of „Simo Betver“, a Unix application for woodcarvings manufacturer
Year 1985: Release of „Simo Contge“, a fiscal accounting software
September 2002: Begin of Simoart development in Windows und .Net
August 2005: first „final release“ of Simoart german version with Webshop
January 2006: Begin of Simocont development in Windows und .Net
February 2006: Release of „Simoart Sportswear“ german version for sportswear enterprises
June 2007: first „final release“ of Simocont accounting software, italian version
October 2007: Version 2 of Simosoft Products (Windows Vista - SQL Server 2005 - Asp.Net 2)
September 2008: Deploy begin of customized Business to Consumer web shops
December 2008: Release of Simoart "Standard universal“; an universal version of Simoart for a large user community
June 2009: The request of customized B2C webshops are unexpected hight. Simoart is been enhanched
February 2010: Simosoft products release for the the new operating systems Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Le new versions are also 64-bit compatible
January 2011: "Simoart my Webshop driver" stands for a complete integration with webshop applications. Simosoft products have been enhanched for 64 bit operating systems: the performance results doubled
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